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Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits for wage loss, medical expense, permanent injury, and rehabilitation benefits to any employee who is injured in the duration and scope of their employment. Also available to an employee’s family are dependent benefits when a work-related injury results in an employee’s death.

Workers’ compensation is not the same as health insurance or disability insurance, but a separate system. State law determines the benefits payable and the system for payment of workers’ compensation. The workers’ compensation court system is not the same as those for personal injury and other, similar civil claims.

It is important for the employee or their family to know what the differences between the systems are in order to know what benefits they may be entitled to receive. The employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company are more concerned with the expense to them as a result of a workers’ compensation claim, and they try to minimize said expense even if doing so may be harmful to the employee or their family. Consultation with an attorney is often necessary to obtain proper benefit information and payment.

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